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Yoga in Rishikesh

The sacred land of Rishikesh is considered best for the yoga & meditation practice and this is the reason that Rishikesh is also addressed as the “Yoga Capital of the World”. The tranquil atmosphere of the place mesmerizes everyone with its natural beauty and magical wonders. Yoga aspirants from all over the world visit Rishikesh for Yoga and Meditation.

Get best yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, at Rishikesh India Tours we facilitate individuals and groups to undertake Yoga and Meditation classes in Rishikesh, India. Avail best yoga teacher training in Rishikesh; we provide Yoga classes in Rishikesh for Yoga Teacher Training, available as:

Our Rishikesh Yoga Classes highlights:

  • Handcrafted yoga classes;
  • Peaceful meditations;
  • Wonderful excursion;
  • Detoxifying therapies;
  • Yoga lectures;
  • Holistic healing;
  • Sattvic meals; &
  • Amazing activities.

Yog Gurus at our Yogshala in Rishikesh

Our professional team of expert yoga teachers, instructors and guides help you at every step. They have the ability to make you feel relaxed instantly. Our delightful smiley team provides you with a homely & friendly environment.

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